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Klwp icons

Learn more. Unfortunately no App opens when touching corresponding icons on the installed presets. I relinked everything anderen build my own lwp created a form and attached the launch app…. I relinked everything anderen build my own lwp created a form and attached the launch app touch action. Just a Shirt vibration Feedback but no app opens. Can someone please help me? Thanks a lot. I am using kwgt pro widget with nova on funtouch os since past 2 days started facing issue that widget gets freezes and didn't responds at all Already given all permissions to nova and kwgt and kwgt pro.

When this freeze happened I have to go to app settings and force stop kwgt and after that only it starts responding for some time and again same issues starts. In Klwp Editor i verified by clicking on a touch area, an press edit, all touch actions wirke fine. Same problem but I fixed it. Ardillasuicida : tks for share, i fixed it. Issue is fixed for all apps except Nova Action Mr Frank Monza pl try to fix this problem I m using MIUI latest 9.

Hey Frank, thanks for your hard work but you should look at the comment from "Ardillasuicida" there is a setting that needs to be turned on for the miui phones, I was having this ssue today and his comment fixed it. Same problem. I think an update got pushed I lost root access and then suddenly discovered I had installed Nougat via automatic updates and something got screwed up.

EmOtiOn I UI for Klwp v9.1 Apk Paid latest

Cycling between Stock and Nova launcher doesn't work. There's definitely the usual vibration, but no app will launch. I can confirm that the ROM was causing the problems. Hey, thanks for your reply. I checked everything. I use Nova launcher and dont know where I can set up this correct sending of touch events.

Could this problem be connected to my rom multi rom? I cannot find anything in the web about my problem.

Beautiful KLWP 1.5 Apk Full latest

Its only about launching apps.Learn more. Clearing cache does not help, got to reinstall and import my wallpaper back and it starts to work again. Can share the theme if needed. Reverts to some basic font, icon fonts music player icon font mainly just show a letter, icons show a questionmark. And the bitmaps just aren't there. I renamed it as shown below. I have the same problem. I copied a bunch of fonticons into the Kustom Icons folder, and after reboot, these files have disappeared.


Copied them back there, and again they've been deleted. I am using only widgets and wallpapers that I created and I am having the exact same problem where all of my imported fonts have disappeared. I can add them back in but they're gone with each restart. I got an external SD card and that's sort of made into internal memory by the phone.

Seems to work on APK ones. I keep modifying it constantly. Today actually lost about a week's worth of edits due to forgetting to save before I cleared the date :. You can roll back changes with the "roll back" icon also you should be able to fix the problem by opening the editor and saving again after the reboot.

That said, if this does not happen on APK skins, it might be due to the fact that, for some reason, SD is not available when live wallpaper is started, i will try to reproduce this and super sorry for the incovenience, its just quite complex to reproduce and it doesnt happen to everyone so it might be device specific.

klwp icons

Yeah, I know things are a tad hard sometimes. Have delved into android development a bit too. Still love the app. Saving does not help. Tried different launchers, didn't help. Could try I get bugs after making an apk, could make some apk and edit that. I think something in the new version made the theme work for a while without clearing data. Might be that it was the update itself. If there's somrthing that your app does when it updates, you could make a button in some menu to repeat it or something.

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Seems that the album art even refuses to show up but the background image nasa apod and map work which both are downloaded. Do you have an external SD? Save Cancel. Are you sure you want to mark this as spam? Are you sure you want to delete this? Klwp forgets all the icons, fonts and bitmaps after every phone restart.

Using Action Launcher 3 on Honor 7.

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Not an expert here so just a heads up. I was able to fix mine using this method: -Locate the fonts for MediaButton In my case, I found it here. I'm not using SD card. Today actually lost about a week's worth of edits due to forgetting to save before I cleared the date : Paid for the app in app.Wallpaper plays a crucial role in making your device look fresh. Why not, it is the first thing that you see when you open your phone.

So do you want an easy and simple app to create your wallpaper and have a wonderful experience? Even without knowing Photoshop, illustrator, and other such apps, you can create unique wallpapers.

Live wallpapers are just too cool. And over that when you can create it on your own, it is just like the cherry on the cake. Kustom live wallpaper KLWP is one of the most popular wallpaper creating app used to set wallpapers. These days kustom live wallpaper software is getting used too much because it gives you to create your wallpapers according to your mood. Marco makes Kustom live wallpaper and now supports android 5.

This app works best with a supportable launcher and makes your phone look good. KLWP Pro is optimizable for android smartphones and tablets. This app creates an influence for your android launcher to look new and gives an extraordinary and good impact. It is capable of adding some dope effects to the pre-existing wallpapers. You can make them more lively and interactive. There are a variety of illustrations and layouts from which you can make a choice.

Get the best results even after reducing the size without disturbing the quality of the wallpaper. Choose the kind of background you want from reliable, gradient and transparent background for the wallpapers of your choice. Wallpapers should be random and easy to create.

Here, you can create a wallpaper just by a click. KLWP provides different editing tools to elaborate on the best user experience in wallpaper designing. This app is not difficult to use. It works with the simple basics of drawing trending layouts according to your choice on your Android devices. In other words, you will feel that you gave a full makeover to your phone. The coolest thing about KLWP Pro is it lets you customize the visuals using the language of scripting. It pulls out all the information about your device to give you the best results.

You can randomly change image background, text wallpaper. You can have random animationssophisticated wallpapers. KLWP gives you several effects that you can apply on a solid background and on the images too. Create something unique by adding an image from your gallery and edit it by adding the embedded texture effect or filter to get something new out of it.

Live wallpapers work in support with wallpaper motions and also you can add animations to the objects in this app. Get the three-dimensional feel by the availability of practical and embedded text and 3D flip renewal.

KLWP allow multiple numbers of connections. Get the wallpapers on online sites also. So you create your desire for hotspots and other ways for connections. Every app gets favoured by the user experience. This app is getting a valuable rating from the users.Android users have the edge over iOS since Android allows a lot of customization. KLWP is an application for mobile devices that customizes the style and design of the home screen.

It creates a wallpaper with text, animation, and applications embedded inside it. The supported launcher is required to make KLWP work. This article covers 10 best KLWP themes that can be used by the users for decorating his home screen. Future updates will add more wallpapers. The size of the app is less. It has a good collection of design and animation. It is one of the premium products in the Google play store. It allows single-click customization of all the tools and widgets.

One of the prerequisites of Flash is that it requires Nova Prime or any other supported launcher to work. It helps to customize Android to a whole new interface. It has good graphics. It has three pages. The first page consists of a date, time, and basic weather information.

The second page comprises of the news feed and the third page shows a music player. The name says it all, Minimal theme is for those users who want minimal skins or themes.

The home page consists of just date, time and favorite apps button. Tapping the favorite apps will give the user the list of all the apps assembled in it. There is no app icon on the homepage which makes the homepage clean. Along with this, the app has clean animations. There is a plus button on the top left, upon tapping user will get various options like news, music, weather, settings, and menu.

The theme is based on the Pixel look. The theme has a card-style interface for the app shortcuts. It adds a clock widget and other apps at the top. Customization of the font and colors is also possible in KLWP settings. The front page consists of a Google bar on the top, and the remaining options are placed in the dock.One of the best things about Android is that you can customize every part of it.

Through KLWP, you can add text, widgets, animations and many other elements to your home screen which you simply cannot do with a widget or a launcher.

klwp icons

Well, the name says it all. On the home page, you will find just the Date and Time, along with the button for Favourite Apps. Tapping on the Favourite Apps button will show up all the favorite apps that you have selected, and there are clean animations while doing anything with this theme applied.

On the top left, there is a plus button. Here also, selecting any of the options results in a clean animation that is surely pleasing to the eyes. On the front page, you have the minimal date and time and below that is the Google Assitant Button. On tapping this button, you get a beautiful animation that opens the Google Assistant. This one is different in the sense that you get Google Apps with icons on the top, some News articles below that and some more most used apps below that.

Again, if you swipe from the left, you get the settings from where you can change a lot of stuff like enabling the Dark Theme, Changing the wallpaper, Enabling or disabling the Navbar and more. Every single skin just has so much thought put into it and have the touch of a designer. In fact, this theme focuses on filling each space on the front page with an element. Below that is the date with some more app icons below that.

If you think that the themes above are a bit complicated to set up, then here is a one-page theme for you. On the front page, you have the Google bar on the top, and the rest of the options are placed on the dock. So, there is the clock, with the date, the Alarm information and the battery remaining. Below that are some app icons like phone, messaging, drawer, etc. If you tap on the plus button, you get a clean animation that shows the options like Agenda, Weather, Music, Profile, etc.

Tapping on each option opens a different thing. So, tapping on Agenda will open the Calendar along with the things that you have to do, tapping on Music opens the music player and so on. The Profile Tab is pretty interesting as it contains not only the profile pic or yours but also the applications that you use, along with some quick settings like WiFi, Bluetooth, etc. Check this theme out. The Front page is super clean with simply the date and time, along with the information about weather.

There is a plus icon on the right side of the button, and on tapping that, you get the shortcuts like the camera, email, messages, etc. On tapping the arrow button on the right side of the plus icon, you get another small page that shows the news, the calendar, the weather and the music tabs. If you tap on the downward arrow button on the right side of your name, then you get the Theme Settings like the color, Dark Theme, Navigation Bar, etc.

Stay DroidHolic!Android is all about making it the way you like it. There are loads of customization tools to help you achieve that. Launchers are great apps to customize your home screen and the overall looks of your phone. Out of all of the launchers on the Play Store, Nova seems to be the king of customization. One area what Nova lacks of is the theme store. Users have to build their own Nova Launcher themes with the help of other apps like Zooper Widgets.

You can refer to this guide to learn more about about how to make Nova Launcher themes. To overcome the lack of theme store availability, we have the Kustom Live Wallpaper Maker. You can create your own theme or search for presets available on the Play Store.

klwp icons

Keep in mind that you will need the Pro version of this app to apply already made themes. Note : Before applying a KLWP theme make sure your home screen pages matches the number of pages of the theme. This article was brought to you by our friends at ServeMeTech. We hope you like this article, let us know if you want to see more of these collaborations or these kind of articles in the future!

This is a 3 page theme with first page being the home page. At the top you get the day and date widget with social apps below it. You can change these apps in the settings of KLWP under social icon groups. Below it, you get the battery widget with battery information and a graph showing charging and discharging. The bottom holds the app drawer and the three most used apps. The second page contains weather information and a location widget.

The third page is the music widget page.

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The animation that you get by swiping between pages is enough to make you fall in love with this theme. If you are someone who likes to give his home screen a minimal look, this is the right theme for you.

A year of openness and awareness

This is a 2 page theme. You get the dock at the bottom of the first page where you can place the apps you want. At the top you get the bar that contains the clock, calendar, weather info and a Google search icon. By swiping to the right, you get the second page that contains the battery and network info at the top, weather info of the next two days and a music player widget at the bottom.Kustom Live Wallpaper, created by " Kustom Industries ," is a live wallpaper tool that allows you to create your theme directly in the live wallpaper itself.

This allows fluid transitions in widgets and a host of other things that would have otherwise been impossible due to launcher limitations. With these basics it should be easy for you to produce some nice designs.

Crucial here is the import and export function because its often easy to learn by studying other walls or komponents. In Kustom you design a whole wallpaper and set it as background.


This wallpaper can contain so called komponents which can be shared separately, so you don't need to share your whole design. Komponents could be called widgets and can be a clock, weather icons or almost anything else. Kustoms comes with an easy to use interface. On the right side you have the add new items button and some options to make designing presets easier. You can automatically zoom into smaller parts of you screen or pause clock animations.

The bar changes depending on your current item. The hamburger menu on the left side contains load and export functions for your whole wallpaper, setting and some links. Make sure to check the FAQ and rate Kustom!

One of the first things to do is to adjust the settings your way. To load a preset open the menu and pick Load Preset. You will be presented with some preloaded presets and can pick one to open my screenshot just shows the presets on my SD Card.

To make a new preset or import one press the add button and you will see a menu. I think text, shape, image and progress bars are self explaining. Komponents are intended to make sharing parts of walls easier. Komponents are also the only way for weather iconsets inside Kustom. The "Komponent" is a special Overlap Layer that can be exported and reused.

klwp icons

The "Komponent" group is like a preset within a preset and allows you to create your own modules with their own global variables. So, for example, if you create a Clock you can then export the Komponent and add this clock to other presets by loading it in one shot, the globals of the Komponent will become the settings of it so when using the module you will not see the objects inside unless you unlock it but just the basic settings.


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